Drinkwell® Pagoda Pet Fountain


Product Review: Design is not quite right

Review by Alaina C (submitted on June 27, 2017):

My three cats have had two Drinkwell Platinum fountains over the years and the product worked flawlessly. Suddenly two of my cats started having issues with their water. Fearing the plastic in the Platinum was finally causing issues I switched to this model. Within three weeks the pump went out. (Lets not react by saying I don't maintain the product that provides fresh water to my companion animals.) I washed out this fountain every day because I had an additional problem. The space between the riser portion and the reservoir was not big enough. One cat was perfectly happy drinking from the top of the fountain, but two cats were constantly getting water in their ears because of the limited space. Its just a bad design and combined with the horrible pump.... it was returned for a full refund. Shame on you Drinkwell. I've come to expect better from your company.


Hi Alaina! We appreciate your feedback, and we are so sorry to hear about your experience with your fountain! We are aware that all felines are a bit different, and can be super picky as to what they like and do not like in regards to feeding and water dishes. We have forwarded your experience onward to the appropriate outlet. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance by calling us at 1-866-738-4379.